piątek, 8 maja 2009

detroitZDRoJ PODCAST pt.3 pres Shadi Megallaa (Igloo Records/Dubai)

Our brother from Mars - Shadi sent us a music message full of love, cause he accidently happens to stay in the land of Dubai .
Altothough he's Shadi he's not slim, which is way better for the music. Check out this mix full of freshest stuff mixed with some unexpected things you may even know.

Stream :

Download :

http://detroitzdroj.net/podcast/detroitZDRoJ_podcast_pt3_Shadi Megallaa - From Mars, with love.mp3

Tracklist :

Intro: Parliament - Prelude
Tolga Fidan & Anthony Collins - La Cadence (Vakant)
w/ Shadi Megallaa feat. Seph & Hunny Bunny - Choci
Maggic accapella (Igloo-Pop)
Doubtingthomas - Grind and shine (Metroline)
Alex Danilov - Mountain (Denkbar)
Lief - Designed with that in mind (Fear of Flying)
Franco Cinelli & Funzion - Pure (Airdrop)
Shadi Megallaa - Bringin tha heat (Darek)
Dirty Room - They will eat you (Santos Resiak mit chuchugas mix) (AirDrop)
Shadi Megallaa & Michal Ho - Deep Suzie (Unsigned)
John Lennon - How do you sleep
Tri.ni.ty - Soul Surfing

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