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Unsound Podcast #2 - bshosa explores Unsound's past & present

So, this is the podcast I've recorded more than 2 weeks ago for the Unsound Festival. As the things change and time passes by - you'll be able to find it here forever ;).

UP#02 bshosa explores Unsound's past and present by unsound

Official Press Info says :

UNSOUND PODCAST #2 - bshosa is a Warsaw-based DJ who performed at Unsound 2008. He's also part of the duo MILF, and organizes regular events with detroitZDRoJ. For Unsound's second podcast, bshosa has created a set exploring the Krakow festival's musical past and present. Recorded in one take, with no editing, this studio set draws almost entirely on artists that have either played at Unsound, or will play this year. There's a focus on the club side of things, but bshosa has also managed to bookend his set with ambient and post-classical pieces, aiming to reveal linkages in music genres that are crucial to the Unsound idea.

You can find the tracklisting few posts below.

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  1. kiedy i gdzie impreza w takim klimacie ?

  2. 09.10.09 SQ Poznań
    10.10.09 Klub 55 Warszawa

    more info soon