poniedziałek, 18 stycznia 2010

dZ @ RoxyFM 160110 - eclectic aesthetic

I wasn't able to stream live, so I just picked 2 mixes :
The first one has been recorded live by no other than the Yore Records mastermind - Andy Vaz, and ....
It's smooth and surprising, deep but jackin' definitely worth taking part in this journey ....

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Andy Vaz live. All music written, produced, mixed and recorded by Andy Vaz. Yore Records, 2009

Second one comes from our Poznan fella - Aleksander Kubaczewski aka Juniore. Editor in Chief of www.muzikanova.pl and the resident DJ of the infamous SQ Klub. He stated this one would be recorded on the cold, autumney afternoon and it's a bit melancholic. It's deep & minmalistic and very melancholic indeed and it's called Anicala.

find out more and DOWNLOAD

You can catch me & juniore playing (notonly) house music in the Mono Bar at Mazowiecka - to launch the eclectic aesthetic party concept ....


Warsaw 103,7 FM, Cracow 103,8 FM, Katowice 94,5 FM, Opole 106,6 FM, Wroclaw 106,1 FM, Bydgoszcz 103,5 FM, Poznań 105,4 FM

Pls use my dropbox if u want to play me your tracks on the radio & in the clubs - of course if I like em :)
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