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dZ @ RoxyFM 060210 Robert Hood special

I asked the guys form Underground Perception to record the mix due to the next week's party with Robert Hood in Warsaw. They played the special mixture of Rob's history, check it here :

Underground Perception pres. RobHood Experience - mixed by Gem & Ninja by Underground_Perception

the 2nd hour has been reserved to the guy, who's responsible for one of the biggest hits of 2009 - "Bitchual Linestepper" hailing from Duesseldorf - Patrik Specke. This is the mix he played at the Twonite party in Athens and it's fresh !

TWONITE- The Groove Movement / by Patrick Specke by Patrick Specke

Warsaw 103,7 FM, Cracow 103,8 FM, Katowice 94,5 FM, Opole 106,6 FM, Wroclaw 106,1 FM, Bydgoszcz 103,5 FM, Poznań 105,4 FM

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