poniedziałek, 22 marca 2010

dZ @ Roxy FM 200310

Due to the short Poland tour with OMAR S I was unable to be there live for you , but searched for some gems to your listening pleasure .

First one has been recorded by Craig Richards for Technique Podcast Series. Craig’s name is synonymous with quality and credibility for those who search for more than instantaneous cliches in their music. For almost fifteen years, Craig has pushed the boundaries of acceptability on dance floors the world over. First as one-half of Tyrant and more recently as resident of arguably the best club in world, Fabric, he’s allowed the music to speak for itself.

Never one for selfless promotion or marketing gimmicks, Craig’s sets are his signature and however unpredictable, are always memorable, as anybody who’s ever had the pleasure of being on the floor of Fabric's Room One at eight am will testify. So sit back and take a little peek inside the mind of Craig Richards. CLICK

2nd part is deeper than deep and comes from the long time dub world researcher - spanish jewell in the game - Pablo Boiivar. Check out his live show from Berlin's about blank - recorded live 2 weeks ago.

Live at About/Blank Berlin 2010 by Pablo Bolivar

Warsaw 103,7 FM, Cracow 103,8 FM, Katowice 94,5 FM, Opole 106,6 FM, Wroclaw 106,1 FM, Bydgoszcz 103,5 FM, Poznań 105,4 FM

Pls use my dropbox if u want to play me your tracks on the radio & in the clubs - of course if I like em :)
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