sobota, 28 lutego 2009

Loco in Mexico

One of the brave ZDRoJ Galaxy Troopers - Dr Dip has been seen in Mexico recently. Being able to use his magical aura & magnificient dance skills he tried to convince locals to join & support the mission of detroitZDRoJ! Watch him !

piątek, 27 lutego 2009

meet the GALAXY !

Warsaw is sick, and so are the meetings with the city. Even though we invite everybody to step into the galaxy, you still have to face the slavic environment of Warsaw, while being here. The warmth of people's souls connected with the vodka as main dish in the evening's menu might lead to various situations. Check what happend to french born swiss citizen Kadebostan of Freude am Tanzen Rec.

you can find more of those @

And if in Warsaw tonight - don't forget to check out Recognition Night @ Piekarnia. It features our brothers Motyl & Mic Ostap on the decks + the brand new marveollous live act of Jacek Sienkiewicz.

czwartek, 26 lutego 2009

Private Lessons

As the Cheerleaders really work well on the team spirit and inner feeling of the moves, ee decided to inspire and coach them with a little help for the motor city friends.

Here's the brand new package of the sneaky moves.
Be careful this sh*t is HOT !

środa, 25 lutego 2009


Due to the overwhelming popularity, we decided to settle our own Cheerleader Group. Ladies practice to do the showcase on the 18th of April with CARL CRAIG. Here's the short movie :

poniedziałek, 23 lutego 2009

detroitZDRoJ PODCAST pt.1 pres. WWW (Side One Records)

detroitZDRoJ PODCAST pt.1 pres. WWW (Side One Records)
Galaxy sends its best to launch the podcast series !!!!!

We start with the one and only WWW of Side One Records.

This mix has been recorded live @ the club 55 on the 14th of Feb '09.

WWW managed to amaze the crowd with some crazy mixture of space dub, reggae, space disco, deep house and detroit sounds.

We loved it - hope you will too.



This music definitely shows the power & majesty of the ZDRoJ of love !

stay tuned - this is just the start of the podcast saga.