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detroitZDRoJ PODCAST pt.2 pres. AGARIC (we are records)

Our man form Sweden - Agaric aka Patrik Skoog turned out to be exactly the same alien as we are. He completely amazed the whole place and prepared this smokin podcast edition for us. This time we go strictly electronic with some modern dancefloor sound.

Stream :

Or download :


and This is the documentation of the last PODCAST recording by WWW, watch him blending new into the oldschool.

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back 2 the oldschool

this guy doesn't come form our galaxy, but he defo has the same understanding for the music :

which makes me wanna

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We met this man on earth, but we doubt he comes form this galaxy. His music is one of the most cosmic things we'e ever experienced. He's an ongoing inspiration for the ZDRoJ! galaxy, watch and understand why .

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Ecology is very important to us , even though we're living on this planet with special guest status. But it's not about the ecology only, it's about creativity, concept and first of all - GREAT music. Enjoy :

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Some of the Galaxy trooopers dissapear, we don't know exactly what happens to them and actually we don't wanna know it. The recently found documentation of experiments, which have been done on some of them on earth thrilled us to the bone. Watch it and admire the courage and style of the Galaxy.

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We've recently become an old video documentation of Dr Dip's trip to the eastern europe. He was trying to innoculate the dancemania among the Belarussians. You can see him fighting hard in the background. The influence of Patrick Swayze and John Travolta is more than obvious. The class of Dr Dip's moves as well, plus - he's irresistible.

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While trying to adapt to the life on earth the galaxy troopers search alternative functions in the community. Watch the docu.



peace !

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How it started ...

Years ago, BBC made a research of the new sound technologies and maybe you wouldn't believe, but here on the earth it was the BBC, who introduced minimal electronic music to the world in the early 60's. Watch it til the end :

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Style Wars

Stage performance is so important nowadays. It's not about talent anymore, you have to make it really special! we keep on training watching and learning from the best of the best . Check it out, maybe you could learn out of it as well .


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In the Studio

In order to spread the message wider, we decided to go into the studio. Watch one of the troopers working hard on the composition.

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Bjorn Borg ...

HE used to be a real hero :

Today, he has on of the best ads on the market :

And now, our galaxy felt in love with his newest collection. Check it :





everybody needs a bit of Bjorn Borg!

piątek, 6 marca 2009

Pump up the jam

There are some other galaxies that we do respect. In one of them everybody's white and what's more important - everybody's alive ;)

The new album has hit the stores - go & get it !

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Carl ....

C2 is gonna visit the ZDRoJ! galaxy on the 18th of april. Watch him in Paris :

any questions ??

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California Gold

Due to our shitty weather, check out this piece of music of our guest in March- Agaric in cooperation with the one & only Adam Beyer - a future classic for me ! I guess the video could be exact what you miss in the beginning of the march. enjoy !

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WE ARE detroitZDRoJ!


14.03 "we are" detroitZDRoJ
AGARIC (We Are, Mad Eye, Truesoul, Syndikaat //Sweden)
THE SAME - LIVE (Phatt sounds // W-wa)
DR DIP (detroitZDRoJ)
BSHOSA (detroitZDRoJ, mnml flava)
+ guests

VJ Kaps

March has landed so brace yourselves for turbulent weather anomalities.

But even though it’s cold and wet the ZDRóJ Galaxy is blooming. It’s actually full of mushrooms – toadstools (agarics), to be exact. One may wonder what kind of association exists between detroitZDRoJ and those deadly fungi. In fact, the two have a lot in common and no, it’s not hallucination or nausea. No! Read on:

Patrik Skoog has been artistically active for over 10 years now. And he’s been ubiquitous. It’s amazingly hard to believe that he’s released more than 100 titles (including tracks on the widely acclaimed and respected now-classic label Drumcode). After a relatively longish dive into the harder sounds of uncompromising techno he’s decided to redefine his music and explore the slower and deeper side of electronic music under the Agaric alias. This particular fact stimulated the establishment of his own record label – We Are – which, apart from the founder’s own musical concepts, embraces also the works of such luminaries as Mikael Stavrostand, Pheek, Apendics Shuffle and Mathias Kaden. Additionally, besides his solo project, Patrik is simultaneously engaged in collaborative creation. Thus, the more vocal electronic tracks are the result of cooperation with one of the techno icons – Adam Beyer, while San Lebowski project incorporates the undisputed talents of a Danish producer named Ecco.
Playing live Patrik presents cross-genre eclecticism combined with perfect technique and flawless atmosphere balance. But these factors constitute mere foundations. Therefore, blend in Skoog’s frequent leaning toward avant-garde and abstraction and you end up with an interesting and unique DJ profile. Recipe of that sort will certainly wreak havoc on the dancefloor and yet another mushroom will grow…nuclear mushroom that is.

It has become an annual tradition for us to introduce the so-called ‘New Faces’ in March – last year we had the pleasure to host Ray Okpara (just before he entered the international super-league of house music producers) and Jurek P., who is now contracted to Cocoon Records! Continuing our custom, this year we’ve invited two young Warsaw dwellers who go by the name of ‘The Same’.

Let us unveil a little bit about these two friends from the capital of Poland. They met in 2006 when they were both absorbed by their individual music production. Similar vision and approach to sound sculpting led to the idea of combining their efforts and, eventually, setting up a duo – ‘The Same’. Ever since that time they’ve made quite a few tracks which are soon to be released on Polar Noise and Phatt Sounds. The tandem’s goal is to conjure up interesting electronic music – a fusion - if you will - of tech-house, minimal, etno, classical and jazz.

Our guests will receive support from dZ Allstars – Dr Dip and bshosa and VJ Kaps will illuminate the whole place with smashing visuals.
Come and join us this March!

W marcu jak w garncu - jest mokro i zimno, a mimo to w galaktyce ZDRoJ! wyrastają grzyby, źeby było ciekawiej - muchomory. Co muchomory mogą miec wspólnego z detroitZDRoJ? Otóż okazuje sie ze mogą i to całkiem sporo i nie chodzi wcale ani o halucynacje, ani niestrawnosci dnia nastepnego. Czytajcie :

Patrik Skoog działa na światowej scenie muzycznej już od ponad 10 lat. aż trudno uwierzyc, że ma na swoim koncie grubo ponad 100 wydawnictw, w tym na uznawanej za klasyczną wytwórni - Drumcode. Po dosyć długiej przygodzie z mocniejszymi odmianami techno postanowil eksplorowac wolniejsze i głębsze obszary muzyki elektronicznej jako Agaric (ang. muchomor). Z tego też powodu uruchomił własną wytwórnie - We Are - gdzie oprócz swoich pomysłow na muzykę taneczną prezentuje produkcje autorstwa takich slaw jak m.in. Mikael Stavrostand, Pheek, Appendics Shuffle czy też Mathias Kaden. Oprócz solowej twórczości Patrik prowadzi równoczesnie kilka projektów kolaboracyjnych – z ikoną muzyki techno Adamem Beyerem nagrywają - elektroniczne kawałki wokalne, z duńczykiem Ecco współtworzy duet pod nazwą San Lebowski.
Na scenie Patrik prezentuje eklektyczny styl, gdzie idealna technika i fantastyczne wyczucie klimatu to tylko podstawy, dokladając do tego skłonność do awangardy i abstrakcji otrzymujemy obraz DJ'a niebanalnego i interesującego. Połączenie tych składnikow bez wątpienia spowoduje powstanie na parkiecie kolejnego grzyba, ale atomowego.

Ponieważ tradycyjnie już marzec jest dla nas miesiącem prezentacji tzw "New Faces" - w zeszłym roku gościliśmy Ray Okpare, niejako w przeddzień jego wstąpienia do panteonu gwiazdek muzyki house i Jurka P, ktory dzis wydaje nakladem Cocoon Rec. Tym razem do występu zaprosiliśmy dwóch młodych warszawiaków kryjącyh się za pseudonimem "The Same"

Projekt The Same jest owocem współpracy dwóch przyjaciół mieszkających na codzień w Warszawie, Ich znajomość zaczęła się w 2006, kiedy to produkowali pod różnymi pseudonimami. Podobne poglądy i wizja muzyki, doprowadziły do połączenia wspólnych sił i do powstania duetu. Od tamtej pory spod ich rąk wyszło kilka produkcji, które niebawem ujrzą światło dzienne m. in. w Polar Noise czy Phatt Sounds. Wizją kolektywu jest tworzenie ciekawej elektroniki - fuzji muzycznych, z wpływami tech house-u, minimalu, muzyki etnicznej, klasycznej i jazzu.

Wsparrcia gosciom udzielą dZ all stars, czyli Dr Dip i bshosa, a zaświeci nam VJ Kaps. Przyjdżcie marcować się razem z nami !

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