sobota, 25 lipca 2009

piątek, 10 lipca 2009

detroitZDRoJ podcast 4 pres Eltron John - Give me morning

Our friend from da Cracow Galaxy - the one & only Eltron John prepared a magic mixture for the early morning hours. He sent us a message full of love saying :

this mix isn't designed for the club usage at 2 am, it's rather a nice background for the summer of love at 6am in the ZDRoJ galaxy (which is obviously bullshit, cause there's no other time than the summer of love in our galaxy).

detroitZDRoJ podcast 4

click 2 download and enjoy - this shit is hot !

And to stop the gossip - Eltron John is not Michael Jackson, and they never held hands.

peace !

piątek, 3 lipca 2009