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Appleblim - the interview

Appleblim does some serious mess in the electronic scene recently. The man who cocreated Skull Disco stands for eclectic selection of deep electronic stuff. ZDRoJ Galaxy will be more than happy to greet him on the 14th of Novemeber in the old swimming pool in the center of Warsaw, where he alongside Shackleton headlines the 3rd anniversary of our landing on the earth. Be there if u can, if not just support ...

I (bshosa) spoke to him briefly - check it out :

How would you describe your sound to someone zoning in for the first time?

good quality electronic dance music, hopefully!

What’s your (original) profession?

ive only ever been in bands or worked in record shops, so i guess u could say 'music' in general

Your label - Apple Pips stands for the music on the verge of dubstep & techno. Can you tell us something more about it ??

really it stands for any music i like...this may come from house, techno, dubstep, garage, funky, anything really!

This hybrid of freshness (dubstep) on one hand and stagantion (techno) on the other one. Where do you see it going ??

i dont think techno is stagnant! who knows where it is going? one thing i love music is that u cant really predict the direction it goes in...

Would you still describe AP as a dubstep label or do you have a better word ?

i have no idea these days, and that is a good thing!

Biggest AP hit thus far ??

no 'hits' as yet! different people seem to dig different releases, the first release by martyn still seems ot be popular

Who does the Apple Pips artworks ??

www.giveupart.com - stuart hammersely - i see him as just as important as the music on the label

Everything started for you with the Skull Disco . Can you tell us the reasons for closing it ??

10 is a nice round number, and its always nice ot end on a high

Does the end of the label mean you won't collaborate with Shack anymore ??

we never collaborated musically, hopefully that will happen tho, and yeh man we'll always be aware of what each other is doing...we shall seee

You seem to do lots of studio collaborations - what are the reasons for it ??

i love vibing off people in the studio, i like the idea of getting on with work in perhaps a limited timeframe, ive found its been very fruitful...

You played the world's biggest venues incl Amnesia, Fabric, etc. this year. How do you feel in the BIG money techno world ??

well, i am not really on the big line ups all the time, its more a few promoters taking a chance on something different i think..i played at Space in ibiza, and cleared the floor with 140 bpm stuff! but i thought it was important to represent something different in a house domniated club...it wouldve been too easy to play house there...

but yeah, obv i love playing any good club , big or small

If you could be a rock star, who would you be?

iggy pop mustve had a pretty good laugh!

You just finished the US tour, how was the response to the dubstep music over there ??

it was great! obv my crowd is slightly different to the peeps that come for skream and benga and so on, but people gave it a chance, and whilst i play to smaller crowds, i got a great vibe off people there. an awesome place, and it was amazing to get a slight idea of the vast difference in places in US

Choose: Playing for 50.000 people that would swallow anything you would give them, or playing for 100 people that would absolutely murder you for the mistakes you (could) make during a set?

neither! i am no jeff mills or youngsta, im no technical genius, i just hope people like the tunes i play, and the fact i try to play some different stuff....but both those crowds sound horrid!

What are the hotsposts for Dubstep outside of the UK ??

in my experience holland and germany are where i play most, but everywhere, even the most unlikely of places can hold a good crowd...sometimes 50 people properly vibing is better than 600 not really into it

I see you're going to Australia pretty soon. Nice place to spend december at :). Apart from that - does it mean Dubstep is global already ??

i think it has been for a while, with the internet helping spread things...

What's your favourite album ever ??

oh man, a toss up between talk talk 'laughing stock', bert jansch 'it dont bother me', nick drake 'pink moon' or about 100 more!

What would you do if there wouldn’t be music, starting with tomorrow?

freak out!

Do you know any polish artists ??

i dont think so

Is there some music you like – but ashamed to admit it?

im not afraid to admit it but i love Girls Aloud! badman production on their records!

Ruffage Sessions - Appleblim b2b Pangaea b2b Ramadanman (29-May-08) by Ritalux

Hot upcoming names in the scene ??

toooooo many! right now, greena, james blake, orrphan101, arkist,

What's your recommended hangover cure ?

i dont drink a huge amount, but i find more booze generally helps!

Your three favourite websites?

resident advisor, fact magazine, club autonomic

Plans for the future ...


Three things you could never get rid of?

all my mates, all my records, all my memories

What are your expectations for Poland ??


What is the question you always would have liked to be asked but nobody ever did?

would u like to take this large amount of money off my hands?

PL version : muzikanova


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